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Improving service through digital transformation

Digital transformation is one of the most influential drivers of organisational change today, challenging public sector organisations to come up with new ways of serving their customers and the public. Our way of life is increasingly digital, and technology is now widespread in large-scale government change programmes.

Since 2011, we have been supplying numerous local authorities and councils and national government departments with managed solutions through various frameworks ensuring a smooth transition process.

Our Frameworks

Having been a successful supplier within the Public Sector for many years we understand the rigorous processes required for procurement generally and within the Local and National Government sector specifically. That’s why we’re delighted to be an approved supplier on several key Public Sector procurement frameworks. This enables you to procure with confidence, both in terms of getting the best value but also being fully compliant with procurement rules and regulations

The challenges.

Local and national government faces a number of challenges, with data information and technology impacting how services are delivered to the population.

Cyber Security

All national government departments and local authorities are vulnerable to cyber security threats, any damage inflicted to critical systems has the potential to jeopardise key systems. Leaks of classified information can have disastrous consequences.

Digital Inclusion and Accessibility

Not everyone has equal access to digital technologies, whether due to economic constraints, lack of digital literacy, or disabilities. Local and national governments must ensure that their online services are accessible to everyone, regardless of their digital capabilities or physical limitations.

Outdated legacy systems

Legacy systems are widespread across government, with most being old, unsupportable, vulnerable and a constraint on transformation. They are critical to service provision but there lacks a clear plan to modernise them.

Lack of IT Staff

Attracting and retaining staff with the right digital skills can be challenging for local and national government. This can result in a skills gap especially with the adoption of new technologies.

Reduced budgets

The reduction of budgets for local authorities and national government departments combined with the increased demand on services has meant that they now have to provide more services with less money, which puts added strain on digitally transforming systems.

Environmental Impact

Environmental and climate change issues are of increasing concern in society, addressing these issues is of growing importance. With the government moving towards a net zero strategy all IT spend will need to be with companies that have strong environmental charters in place.

The solution.

Our approach is a flexible and adaptable managed services model providing just the right amount of services tailored to each individual requirement.

Our broad range of security solutions provides a unified suite of technology to maximise protection in an ever-changing IT landscape; reducing the risk of data breaches.

A range of cloud solutions that offer flexible and tailorable capabilities to meet the demands of the modern working environment.

Our range of managed services are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, from full IT management to extra support when you need it.

Our industry-leading managed services enable you to optimise costs and reduce the complexity of managing multiple suppliers.

Carbon neutral printers & MFPs from Kyocera.

All new printers, MFPs and Production printers are offered fully carbon neutral. We offer a bolt on to older Kyocera models that allows them to be carbon offset.

How do we offset the carbon of our print devices?

Kyocera can carbon offset all our devices, plus the Kyocera genuine consumables they use over the lifetime of the product (see t&cs), through a simple bolt-on to the device purchase. This covers all elements of production, packaging, transportation, Kyocera consumables, plus Kyocera genuine toner and device recycling. Based on these factors, we’ve calculated how much carbon needs to be offset for each device in our range.

We offset your new Kyocera devices through myclimate, the same partner we use to offset our own UK business operations. With myclimate, we invest in international projects which are certified by CDM Gold Standard. It is the most stringent certification for carbon offsetting projects and is supported by 60 NGOs worldwide. It is the only standard which certifies a project’s sustainable development factors, including co-benefit criteria like healthcare, job creation or reforestation. You can learn more about myclimate from our climate action page.

Our assessment led approach is designed to define, inform and support your ICT strategy, not simply impose critique. Using our exposure and expertise, we make it our mission to find insights & risk that you currently do not know exist in your organisation today. We use leading best practice advice, for your specific challenges within the emergency services sector, providing the pathway to achieve your compliance, safeguarding and innovation goals.

  • assess your current state with industry leading tools and expertise
  • design a robust and innovative IT strategy
  • help you deliver this over time with continuous improvement

By tailoring and customising the perfect process automation streamline for you, we can decrease manual input errors, increase speed of delivery, boost quality, minimise costs, and simplify processes. We incorporate software tools, people, and processes to create a completely digital automated workflow, reducing paper and improving productivity and efficiency.

Our services and solutions

We provide a range of fully managed services so your government department or council can concentrate on what it does best, serving your customers.

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