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Annodata’s managed print services (MPS) hosted in the cloud, enable you to outsource your entire print network so you can focus your business’s efforts on the areas that matter the most.

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What cloud print means for you.

Our managed print service hosted in the cloud takes the MPS concept to a new level.

Building on the proven principles of our MPS solutions, cloud printing sets new standards for efficiency, and can help you unlock even greater value from a managed document environment:

Achieve new agility

Document services are easily scalable and can adapt dynamically to the changing needs of your business.

Liberate IT resources

Redistribute IT personnel and hardware to more productive activities.

Improve reliability

The print environment is robust and responsive so you can depend on it.

Deliver sustainability

Reduce your paper, ink, energy and hardware consumption.

Reduce print costs

Requires no new capital expenditure and you only pay for what you use.

Drive user productivity

Optimise document-intensive business processes and deploy innovations like cloud scanning and mobile printing.

Take control

Accurately monitor fleet assets, print usage and service performance.

What we do.

Manage all print devices, functions and services with a fully outsourced cloud print solution from Annodata.
Our managed print service (MPS) enables you to outsource your entire print network, so you can concentrate on more productive tasks. From device monitoring and maintenance, to traffic management and print policy enforcement, we can take care of all your print requirements. We advise you every step of the way from deployment and initial assessment, through to ongoing monitoring.

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Cloud printing.

Cloud printing means more than having a print server in the sky.

It delivers convenience and simplicity, freeing your employees’ potential, optimising your document workflow and cutting costs – all while keeping your data secure in a truly private cloud.

Cloud computing can be divided into three general models: public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Public cloud consists of independent service providers that rent or lease cloud computing resources to external clients. A private cloud deploys on-premises cloud services, and hybrid cloud connects both public and private cloud services, allowing a business to use both environments simultaneously while shifting workloads between each facility on demand.

As there is no single ‘right cloud’, the cloud services we offer are developed to meet the demands of the application or workload.

Cloud Print | Kyocera Annodata
Over time, print networks can become inefficient; driven by ad-hoc expansion, obsolete or mismatched technology, and lapsed servicing contracts. This could be costing your business a huge amount over time. An unmanaged print network could mean you are losing hundreds of thousands of pounds or more a year in;
  • Server space
  • Network bandwidth
  • IT support
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Toner and ink
  • Energy

Alongside the financial costs, poor print performance is also a threat to commercial agility, user morale, network security and progressive business policy.

A company may also be exposed to breaches and cyber-attacks, leading to hefty fines and negative implications on reputation. Even in a managed environment, print requires a lot of resources to deliver, maintain and manage compared with other IT systems.

“On average 3% of a company’s entire revenue is spent on print” – Gartner

Cloud Print | Kyocera Annodata

Why host a managed print solution in the cloud?

Annodata’s managed print service optimises your print environment, reconfiguring the fleet, eliminating inefficiencies and maximises performance in line with your organisation’s needs.

No call handlers

Only fully trained, technical specialists with a 24/7/365 UK-based service desk.

Long term partnerships

We are here for the long haul, working as your partner to meet business goals.

You come first

We take management challenges away so organisations can concentrate on the day-to-day.

We are carbon neutral

We are offsetting our CO2 footprint through three high-quality carbon offset projects from myclimate.

Why Annodata?

The breadth of our portfolio means we can provide end-to-end managed services right across IT infrastructure.

We provide peace of mind with a complete solution to meet your needs.

We design, deploy and optimise the system to fit your business requirements.

Technology is constantly upgrading, and it’s not always easy to keep up with the changes and define the best working systems for you.

That’s where our expertise comes in.

What do we offer?

We provide a fully managed private cloud service so organisations can concentrate on what they do best. There is no one size fits all when it comes to cloud services, with all solutions designed to meet the demands of the customer and their workload.
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