Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Control access permissions through device configuration.

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Remove the complexity of managing mobile devices

Mobile Device Management (MDM) applies a layer of protection around an organisation’s data by securing all mobile devices (whether provided by the company or BYOD), through the application of centrally managed strategies, standards, and policies.

With the increasing use of mobile devices connected to an organisations network, MDM ensures remote connection devices are protected from bad actors, malware and other cyberattacks. 

Using an MDM solution gives IT administrators the ability to enrol devices, protect data and manage the compliance of devices. As the majority of MDM solutions are cloud-based, these mobile endpoints can be managed remotely, and therefore are beneficial for any businesses that have remote or hybrid employees. 

The challenges.

Increased security risks

With so many devices connected to an enterprise network, smartphones and tablets present a wide variety of attack vectors, and thus comprise a substantial security threat to enterprise.

External Device Access

With so many users using their personal devices to connect to the corporate network, IT Teams struggle to protect the corporate data and applications as they try to differentiate potential attackers from required user connections.

Growing IT demands

Manually managing mobile devices is extremely taxing on IT staff. As the organization grows and the number of mobile devices increases, it can become impossible to successfully manage the process.

Increased costs

Purchasing and managing devices and software, providing device management and the number of individual licenses within an office environment increases costs.



of employees use their personal devices for work


of employees are using apps that aren't company approved


of breaches are due to known vulnerabilities for which a patch is available

The solution.

Our Managed Mobile Device Management service is end-to-end management of a mobile device security solution, from conceptual purpose of delivering compliance, through enablement rollout of technology, delivery of the technical elements, and ongoing provision of management support to ensure the solution adapts to any growth requirements:

  • License Evaluation, Patching, and Management
  • Technology Patch Management
Manage users and devices, including devices owned by your organization and personally owned devices. Supports Android, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), iOS/iPadOS, macOS, and Windows client devices. Use these devices to securely access organization resources with policies you create.

For apps, security, device configuration, compliance, conditional access, and more. When the policies are ready, you can deploy these policies to your user groups and device groups. To receive these policies, the devices only need internet access.

Provides valued tracking on device behaviours, corporate data interactions, endpoint technology compliance and access requests.

Easily connects to SCCM, Microsoft 365, Zero-trust policies as well as additional Microsoft tools such as EM+S and MFA.

Azure AD management, threat defence services, self service web-based admin centre.

How does MDM solve these challenges?

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