Luxury Department store cashing-in with improved print solution.

Annodata ensures efficiency, quality & clarity for leading department stores’ print outputs.

Luxury Retailer | Kyocera Annodata

Key points

About the company

This leading department store attracts customers from around the world and prides itself on offering exquisite merchandise and a luxury shopping experience. The store operates with a luxury ethos front of mind and works hard to maintain this in all aspects of operation. The company occupies a million square feet of retail space in central London and is made up of over 300 departments.

The challenge

The printed page is vital to the business, with a number of different departments – such as marketing and creative – all requiring high quantities of printed materials in a timely fashion.

Critically, all printed documents – whether that’s in-store signage or marketing materials – need to be of the highest quality with absolute clarity to reflect the company’s luxury image.

A spokesperson for the retailer explained: “This is one of the most famous luxury department stores in the world and, as such, all aspects of operation must be polished and refined – this includes printing. The daily print outputs are continuous and typically we work to a ticking clock. A lot of marketing and promotional activities take place throughout the store and these require high quantities of documentation that must to be printed efficiently and then delivered to the relevant department.”

Critical to the high quality and timely production of the printed material is the department store’s print room. After experiencing increasing print volumes, the department store struggled with the management of its print estate. As such, the company decided to look at how the efficiency of its print room facility could be improved and to gain the assurance that the print room would always run smoothly, with the guarantee of fast and efficient service delivery to the highest possible standard, the company enlisted Annodata.

“Annodata has proved itself to be a supplier that we can rely on and this is reflected by our longstanding partnership.”

Spokesperson at the leading department store.

The solution

The department store first turned to Annodata seven years ago. After taking the time to understand the organisation’s needs, Annodata designed a solution to satisfy the specific usage and quality requirements of the print room and, after winning the tender, set about implementing the solution.

Annodata installed a resilient and reliable print fleet, made up completely of Kyocera multi-functional devices (MFDs). Each of the devices, which can be used for printing, copying, scanning and sending faxes, provide the crisp colour and clarity to meet the department store’s high quality requirements, including full integration with their SAP infrastructure. A team of Annodata staff now work at the site, overseeing the printing practices and outputs to ensure the jobs go out on time.

Additionally, Annodata provides 375 Kyocera devices for the department store itself and the head office, along with over 150 Kyocera machines at their distribution centre.

The entire solution is backed up by Annodata’s industry-leading SLAs, and with an on-site engineer in attendance, any issues are resolved quickly and easily. While the kit itself was important, Annodata’s commitment to service, support and management sets them apart from other managed print suppliers.

The spokesperson said: “We knew we could deliver efficiency and highstandards by partnering with a company capable of managing all our print requirements. From the moment we engaged with Annodata it was clear that they wanted to work with us and would do anything they could to meet our requirements. Annodata helped us select the best-fit technology for the print room and the team fully understood our needs and have continued to consistently deliver a sound service.”

The result

Although the benefits of Annodata’s solution are numerous, the key result is a lean and efficient process that delivers results on time and to high standard.

Annodata’s outsourced expertise is helping the company to drive efficiency and quality and is enabling core staff to focus on critical tasks, providing complete peace of mind for the department store.

The spokesperson explained: “We are exceptionally happy with the quality and the efficiency of the materials being printed and it’s widely agreed that the print room is a huge asset to the company. Annodata has proved itself to be a supplier that we can rely on and this is reflected by our longstanding partnership. The team’s recommendations have worked fantastically well and in the future we plan to work with Annodata so we can incorporate smart printing practices into our estate.”

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