Effortless print management in the Cloud

Annodata’s cloud-based solution empowers agile workplaces and hybrid workers to print from multiple locations using Print&FollowTM and scan directly to the cloud.

Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan | Kyocera Annodata

What cloud print and scan means for you.

Boost your growth potential and business agility with Kyocera’s Cloud Print and Scan solution.

Print and scan redefined. Private cloud ensures backup plans are in place based on pre-determined policies from organisations and regulatory bodies. This enables sensitive data to be kept safe and retained for the long-term, for auditing and compliance.

For highly regulated industries such as financial services or the health sector where compliance of cloud data is audited, private cloud ensures applications are easily sourced and remain secure in the event of any dispute. Increase the flexibility and features of your print environment and remove the costs of on-site servers by managing your Kyocera devices in the Cloud.

Multi-tenant software

Reduce your operational costs using the high-class multi-tenant software hosted in the cloud with AWS.

Secure print release

Job release only after user anthentication with ID card or username and password

Print quota

Assign and manage print quotas to the company users in order to reduce your total print cost.

Multiple scan options

Scan documents to users' email and to KCPS server in the cloud.

Integration with third party Cloud storage

Print from or scan to connected 3rd party cloud storage: Box.com, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Print policies

Assign group print policies to the company users in order to improve their print behaviour and better manage the costs.

Minimised waste

Centralised and consolidated hosting services lead to a reduced carbon footprint that is generated by your company

Shift to the Cloud.

Remove the costs and hassle of managing your on-site print servers by shifting to the cloud with Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan (KCPS).

KCPS expands your potential to flex and scale. Perfect for agile workplaces with more than one site or those embracing a hybrid office culture.

Managing your Kyocera devices in the cloud gives you ultimate control to increase the features of your print and scan environment across your organisation while controlling overall printing costs through central management.

KCPS is our native cloud print management tool, built on our cloud platform technology. It’s easy to install and configure and allows you to optimise your company’s printing and scanning costs in no time at all.

When it comes to increased document security and the management of print and scan costs, KCPS provides the perfect solution for the modern business.

Client operating system

Windows x86/x64
Windows 8.1 or later
Mac OS X x64
macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later
* M1 chip is not supported.

Browser support

Chrome latest version
Edge (based on Chromium) Latest version
Safari latest version

Device compatibility

Kyocera compatible HyPAS MFPs*

Language support

English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese


KCPS Infosheet KDUK 

389 KB | PDF

KCPS Software information

1 MB | PDF

KCPS Security Whitepaper

720 KB | PDF

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