Accounts Payable Automation.

Streamline the entire accounts payable process with an integrated, automated system.

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The benefits of an AP solution

Automated invoice processing clearly reduces time, effort and costs. The system pays for itself quickly, and the benefits become apparent on day one. Less time is needed for standard tasks and costs for printing and storing paper are eliminated. Accounting teams become more productive and discounts/rebates for early
payments can be redeemed.

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Lower costs through invoice automation

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Faster processing through invoice automation


For the majority of clients, ROI is between 3-6 months


Projects are typically completed in 10 to 15 days - depending on scope

Increase productivity

  • Automated approval workflows
    speed up invoice processing by
  • Invoices can be found at any
    time in the blink of an eye using
    keywords and accessed directly
    in the ERP.
  • Invoice data is captured
    automatically, reducing error prone
    typing by up to 95%.
  • Data export to the ERP ensures
    consistency reducing additional

Gain control

  • Reliable real-time data enables
    easy month-end closing and
    valid reporting.
  • Verifiable compliance: thanks to
    secure archiving and complete
    process documentation, legal
    and tax requirements can be
    easily met.
  • All invoices are available and
    stored securely.
  • Payment targets can be
    easily kept in view. Duplicate
    or incorrect payments are
    automatically eliminated.

Reduce costs

  • Automated processes put an end
    to reminder fees, missed rebates
    and discounts.
  • Never print out and physically file
    invoices again: save on printing
    and storage costs.
  • Optimise personnel costs:
    increased staff productivity
    compensates for and helps
    manage the shortage of skilled
    workers as well as rising invoice
  • The simple implementation and
    intuitive use of the DocuWare
    solution ensures a quick start and

According to market research analyst Gartner, the cost of processing a single invoice in the U.K. is up to £25 without automation, in some cases as much as £50 per invoice.

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